Week 5: Consensus

Lecture notes:
Lecture slides (6 per page)
Supplemental notes – Paxos:
Leslie Lamport, A Part-Time Parliament, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 16, 2 (May 1998), 133-169. The original Paxos Paper.
Leslie Lamport, Paxos Made Simple, Nov. 1, 2001.
Jonathan Kirsch and Yair Amir, Paxos for System Builders, Technical Report CNDS-2008-2 - March 2008
Supplemental notes:
Discussion in answers.com.
Leslie Lamport, Robert Shostak, Marshall Pease, The Byzantine Generals Problem, SRI International
A paper on the Byzantine Generals Problem
The Byzantine Generals Problem
Notes from the University of Wisconsin - Madison
The Byzantine Generals Problem
Lampson, Butler, How to Build a Highly Available System Using Consensus, Microsoft Research, October 1, 1996
Iair Amir, Jonathan Kirsch, Paxos for System Builders: An Overview, Johns Hopkins University.
Iair Amir, Jonathan Kirsch, Paxos for System Builders, Johns Hopkins University, Technical Report CNDS-2008-2, March 2008.
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Validity, uniform agreement, integrity, termination, quorum Paxos, Paxos leader, Paxos proposer, Paxos acceptor, Paxos learner, leasing vs. locking, hierarchical leases.